Satin secretary sucks boss

Nicole looked into the mirror at her outfi ready for her first day as the secretary of Charles Davant.

It was a simple black satin blouse that hugged her large breasts. The pencil skirt was grey, tight – but knee length and perfect for an office environment. Underneath she wore a black silk bra, panties and hold up stockings. The outfit was finished with black heels, not too high but chic and practicle. Nicole was ready to meet her new boss.

satin secretary


A quiver of exctement went through her for despite her liberal and feminist upbringings she liked nothing more than a strong man to dominate her. The idea of serving Mister Davanta as his secretary made her tingle. He was an older man in amazing shape, broad shoulders muscles rippling out of his shirt and a stern, no no-nonsense attitude. As she begin to imagine sucking him her aforementioned upbringing forced her to push the thought aside. She tucked her satin blouse in tighter and admired the way her breasts stuck out through the tight, shiny fabric. To her mother’s horror, but to the joy of everyman she knew and that saw her on the tube, she had had them operated and while not vulgarly large – were definitely big. And no man had yet touched them because she was waiting for the right man… a real man… like Charles.

satin secretary


satin secretary 3


She dropped a bit of the juice on his trousers, much to his annoyance.

“Clean it up, now.”

She took the serviette and dabbed the patch close to his groin… at that distance it should have been nothing but trouser but Nicole felt a bulge. Not stopping to think how enormous his cock had to be she quickly recoiled.

“Clean it,” he repeated…

This time she dabbed harder, trying to ignore the thick organ beneath… but she couldn’t and then founf herself lingering for a moment.

“What are you doing?” he asked…

“Sorry, sir…” I just…..

Go and close the door… we need to have a chat.

She closed the door…

satin secretary 4


He pushed me over the desk pulled my panties down and stuffed his huge cock inside her. She gagged. He fucked her hard and came quickly, withdrawing and leaving her dripping with cum.

“Clean my cock, miss Ferrer.”

Yes sir.

Friday - casual day

Friday – casual day

Friday night... Boss's house where he finally gives Nicole what she wanted.

Friday night… Boss’s house where he finally gives Nicole what she wanted.






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